News . October 5, 2021

The Boutique stands in 11 Old Bond Street, at the heart of London’s luxury shopping street.

The Valenza-based high-end jewelry Maison, renowned around the world for its fine creations, re-opens one of the most important Boutiques in Europe. The store stands in a highly a strategic position, at the heart of the world famous Old Bond Street, alongside stylish international trend-setting brands.

Elegant and welcoming, the space is characterised by delicate colour combinations, sophisticated furnishings and an extraordinary attention to detail. Here, class, harmony and style give life to a holistic, contemporary design marked by a sense of exclusivity and aesthetic refinement.

Inside, the Boutique’s highly specialised staff assist tourists and luxury enthusiasts explore the Maison’s creations. Indeed, sales staff training is one of the DAMIANI’s key strengths, contributing to the prestige of the service offered, with strong customer care that translates into professional assistance both during and after sales.

Craftsmanship, creativity and style are the intrinsic values of DAMIANI’s jewels, handmade entirely in Italy by the master goldsmiths of Valenza using the most precious materials. The Boutique features many of the brand’s exclusive collections: from the iconic Belle Epoque evoking the charm of the great divas of the world of cinema, to the feminine and refined Mimosa, through to the colourfully glamourous D.icon, the seductive Eden alongside the romantic Margherita. And to fulfil the dream of love, a vast selection of solitaires and wedding rings, in particular from the Minou, D.Side and Luce collections.

Jewelry lovers will be enchanted by the sublime beauty of the Maison’s Masterpieces: fascinating, dreamy one-of-a-kinds often acclaimed internationally for their exclusive design and precious stones.

Particularly worthy of note is the Custom Made service, with many collectors and discerning customers choosing DAMIANI to create a unique jewel reflecting a personal desire or a profound emotion. With its hundred-year history and its creativity and craftsmanship, the Maison assists clients from the choice of stones to the design of the setting and the execution of their personal creation.

Drawing on all these exclusive services, over the years the Damiani Boutique in Old Bond Street has become a favourite destination for enthusiasts and trend-setters from around the globe, as well as for the most loyal English customers.

11 Old Bond St London
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