The Damiani Family (Giorgio, Silvia and Guido Grassi Damiani)

The Damiani family

From their youngest days, Guido, Giorgio and Silvia Damiani observed jewels being created and precious stones being selected. The Damiani siblings have maintained top quality in the design and craftsmanship of their jewelry, created with tradition in their Valenza workshop.

“Credo che le ragioni del nostro successo siano la forte identità,
la grande abilità manifatturiera e il design originale,
il tutto vivificato da una grande passione.”

– Guido Damiani –

A family story

In 1924, Enrico Damiani founded Damiani in Valenza Po, in the heart of Italy’s most important gold district. Through his skills in the goldsmith’s art, Enrico soon became a jeweler to the noble families of the time, creating masterpieces of refined craftsmanship. Enrico’s son, Damiano Grassi Damiani, was born in 1934. It was he who promoted the company’s industrial and commercial expansion. Damiano was a passionate believer of research in design and technical innovation, which profoundly affected the company’s evolution. Damiani jewels became increasingly popular, due to a truly revolutionary idea for that time, which involved offering set prices and creating catalogues featuring all the collections. The early nineties saw the arrival of the third generation: Silvia Damiani currently manages corporate communication and the purchase of pearls, while her brother Giorgio handles exports. Guido worked in Tel Aviv with the most important diamond buyers worldwide until he became sales director for Italy in 1994.

In 1996, Damiano Damiani died prematurely in a car accident, and the running of the company, which at that time already employed 200 employees, was left to his wife and three children. Gabriella Damiani now serves as the Group’s Honorary President, Guido as President, and Silvia and Giorgio as Vice Presidents. Towards the end of the nineties, from a family run business, Damiani took on an ever more international managerial role. In 2007, it surged to become one of the most prestigious all-Italian companies, and was listed on the Milan Stock Exchange.

“The sense of tradition expressed in our jewelry is a unique heritage,
made up of passion and attention to detail, something we are proud of and which
we wish to pass on to our children. This shared philosophy inspires our creations,
which are, as ever, are hand crafted one by one in Italy.

– Guido Damiani –

The territory

Damiani’s history is intertwined with that of Valenza, its international achievements, and its quintessential expression of the goldsmith’s craft. The Maison has always epitomised the progress and development inherent in the district of Valenza. This is further confirmed by the brand’s new production centre—an investment that looks to the future, not just of the company but of the entire district, which has been the fulcrum of the design and creation of the Maison’s jewels for an entire century. Damiani’s decision to remain rooted in the district of Valenza aims to protect and enhance the area’s artisanal heritage—a decision embodied by the Damiani Academy, the brand’s advanced training centre that sets out to generate highly specialised figures in every area of the goldsmith’s art. The company thus intends to offer talented young individuals a top-class pathway at its laboratories, to convey the best technical and creative skills on the Italian market.

“In order to tell a story, one must first create.”

– Silvia Damiani –