News . October 27, 2021

The DAMIANI Group, a renowned hallmark of Italian excellence worldwide, continues to strengthen its business growth by investing in LuisaViaRoma through Florence srl, the majority of which is held by the Private Equity Style Capital Fund, headed by Roberta Benaglia.

“This investment is not just a financial transaction; it aims to seize new growth opportunities in areas complementary to our core business and to strengthen our digital expertise and business.
Luisa Via Roma has established itself on the market with an innovative business model, poised midway between the retail and the digital dimensions. The brand has set up one of the leading e-commerce portals in the world of luxury, offering new brand experiences and helping to strengthen the perception of high-end products.
We have a lot of confidence in the company’s growth potential, in Management’s capabilities and in the competencies of Style Capital.”
Guido Grassi Damiani – President of the DAMIANI Group

During its hundred-year history, such strategic transactions have allowed the DAMIANI Group to define and set up a solid brand structure. In addition to DAMIANI, the high-end jewelry brand considered internationally as an icon of Italian excellence, the independent Group, still managed today by the original founder’s heirs, boasts a portfolio of complementary jewelry brands. In particular: SALVINI, a brand with a remarkable awareness in Italy but also experiencing considerable growth in the Far East, reinterprets great jewelry classics in a contemporary key, giving life to creations reflecting the essence of affordable luxury; BLISS, operating in the mini jewelry segment, targets a younger audience seeking elegance, personality, class and style; and CALDERONI, a historical Milanese high-end jewelry brand founded in 1840 and specialising in the selection of precious stones, is now a Business Unit of the Damiani Group mainly dedicated to the sale of loose natural diamonds, whose identity and positioning the DAMIANI Group has redefined.

In 2008, the luxury ROCCA 1794 chain also became a part of this substantial portfolio, soon establishing itself as the leading national player in the distribution of high-end jewelry and timepieces and now also strategically planning its international expansion.
In 2020, the Group acquired a 100% stake in VENINI, a century-old Murano-based glassmaker whose unique artistic glassware is on display in leading museums worldwide, with the aim of defining a new business development plan and strengthening global distribution.

Despite the pandemic-induced changes that have revolutionised the global economic scenario and the luxury market in particular, the DAMIANI Group has never interrupted its strategic plans: having to rethink its investments has led the Group, on the one hand, to strengthen its digital presence and, on the other, to implement new retail and wholesale growth plans.