The Venini new brand e-commerce platform

News . December 19, 2019

We are extremely delighted and proud to announce the launch of #Venini new brand e-commerce platform: The new website is a key milestone in Venini’s journey towards digital transformation. The revamped platform will strongly enhance the user experience and will become an important hub for reflecting the exceptional balance between Venini’s longstanding glassmaking tradition and experimentation. Thanks to its intuitive user interface, the website will allow visitors to explore Venini’s creations in just a few taps. It will give them the chance to explore the company’s heritage and identity, through its iconic glassblowing artworks. The website features five main sections to trigger visitors’ curiosity: ARTGLASS is dedicated to Venini’s creations and its glass masters. ARTLIGHT shows Venini’s collections of lamps, lights and luminous sculptures. CONTRACT features VENINI’s most exclusive creations as key decorative elements in hotels, retail, offices, banks, cruise ships, private yachts, places of worship, public institutions, and private residences. THE VENINI WORLD offers a complete journey into Venini’s history and heritage. LA FORNACE showcases the place where each Venini’s artwork comes to life.