News . October 21, 2022

The new Salvini Girl is young, curious, dynamic, positive, digital and trendy … but what really sets her apart is her ability to enter a supportive relationship with other women, to start with them a sincere and  loyal dialogue. The Salvini woman strongly believes that – thanks to female collaboration and empathy – any obstacle can be truly overcome, at work but also in her personal life.

Salvini changes and embraces a warm, intense and sunny yellow that conveys strength, energy and vitality, in perfect balance with its fresh and new playful image. Vivid brushstrokes color all its assets and communication channels, from the website to social media.

As yellow is the beautiful graffiti of the Soul Sisters wording: the claim of the new communication campaign that accompanies all the images – still or in motion. Salvini’s Soul Sisters are partner in crime, they know that they can rely on each other. The new claim evokes this concept in a direct and effective way, alongside the thirty protagonists of the shots and video of the new creativity.

Salvini jewelry thus becomes a sign of recognition and a symbol of expressiveness and positivity. A way to write one’s own story and affirm the strength and value of being a woman today.