Royal elegance: Nozomi Sasaki shines in Belle Époque Crown

News . April 15, 2021

For the launch of the new #DamianiBelleEpoqueCrown jewels, Damiani decided to develop an exclusive digital ADV campaign whose face is the Japanese style-icon and trendsetter Nozomi Sasaki. The model and TV host is beloved by the Japanese public for her bold personality and refined elegance: the young lady has more than 4.4 million of followers on her IG @nozomisasaki_official. Vitality, boldness and grace: Nozomi expresses the essence of the new highly anticipated #DamainiBelleEpoqueCrown creations which will be available exclusively in Japan.

The iconic Belle Époque collection evokes the joie de vivre, energy and dynamism of 1920s Paris and celebrates the irresistible charm of its Muses: women with a strong personality, influential figures of their time, inspiring film directors, artists and poets. Their unique appeal has been celebrated on film, in works of art and in famous verses that made history. And it is the world of cinema that inspires the Belle Époque collection, a precious reinterpretation of the iconic design of the film reel, in which a series of diamonds and rubies, sapphires or emeralds give life to a refined and elegant play of colours that catches the eyes of the beholder.

From the elegance of the Cinema muse to the refinement of royalty. This beloved collection has been enriched with a new creation distributed exclusively in Japan in 2021: the precious Crown pendant. The jewel, in the three gold colours enriched by the purest of diamonds, evokes the design of a royal crown, the quintessential symbol of power and sovereignty. Distinguished by slender and rigorous lines, the expertly selected precious stones give life to a creation symbolizing excellence, valour, and the quest for victory that is reflected in every royal crown.

The design of the cross is particularly fascinating: the jewel consists of two crosses placed inside one another and joined by a gold chain. This structure enables the external and the internal elements to oscillate with every movement, adding to the jewel’s sparkling radiance. This particularly innovative feature allows the wearer to choose to wear either the external or the internal element alone, in the first case accentuating the graphic dimension of the cross, and in the second wearing it as a precious charm, a sophisticated detail that adds a touch of allure to any look.

For her, but also for him: a bold, linear design, paired with the skillful combination of precious materials in classic colours and the harmonious proportion of the elements that set the jewel, make the Crown pendants suitable for men and women alike, for a dazzling touch of elegance and sophistication.

The new creation is available in two sizes – 19x16mm and 37x29mm – both in the same precious materials. The new proposal is complemented by a prestigious Masterpiece: a unique and majestic jewel reflecting vitality, grandeur and victory.

Enjoy watching the video with Nozomi Sasaki in #DamianiBelleEpqoqueCrown on our website and our official Instagram and Facebook pages. In addition to this, the video will be broadcasted on the Tokyo Metro Channel between April 26 and May 2, and screened at the Tokyo Metro Ginza Station between May 17 and May 23.