1921 – 2021 One hundred years of art, beauty and Made in Italy

News . April 6, 2021

This year marks the centennial of the historic glassworks, founded by the Milanese lawyer Paolo Venini and the Venetian antiques dealer Giacomo Cappellin, and known worldwide for the excellence of its creations.

“In the course of these one hundred years of history and passion, VENINI has preserved and interpreted a unique artistic heritage that has its origins in the 13th-century Venetian culture, creating distinctive works that combine the profound knowledge of tradition with the allure of contemporary tastes.
This brand of excellence has recently become a part of the DAMIANI Group, which through its creations promotes at an international level the core values of Italian craftsmanship, Beauty, and Know-How. I am pleased to celebrate this important anniversary together with VENINI: it is a milestone that opens the door to a new century of art and design, innovation, and the cutting edge of creativity”.
Silvia Grassi Damiani
President of VENINI and Vice President of the DAMIANI Group