News . November 10, 2023

Damiani opens a new ‘Belle Époque Universe’ pop-up store at the prestigious Shinsegae Gangnam in Seoul.


On November the 8th, the Maison opened a new pop-up store dedicated to the Belle Époque universe in the famous Shinsegae Gangnam department store in Korea’s capital city. Located on the ground floor of the facility, the new space occupies a central location boasting excellent visibility. Jewelry enthusiasts will be able to admire Damiani’s Belle Époque and Belle Époque Reel creations here until November the 19th.

The temporary store was designed according to a concept that reproduces in architecture and furnishings the hallmark motif of the collections – alternating circles and rectangles reminiscent of a film reel – and plays on their characteristic black and white colour scheme.

The Belle Époque area features a bright, all-white setting, representing the more refined soul of the collection, inspired by the seventh art. The Belle Époque Reel area, instead, with its powerful black background, reflects its more contemporary rock spirit, linked to the dynamism of digital video.

The store’s opening turned into a veritable media event, thanks to the attendance of VIP guests and local celebrities such as the well-known and highly regarded actress and model Lee Sung-kyung, with more than 15 million Instagram followers (https://www.instagram.com/heybiblee/), actor Yang Se-jong (https://www.instagram.com/bell.ysj/), singer Tzuyu, (12.5 million followers on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thinkaboutzu/), and k-pop idol Ju Yeon, member of the famous “The Boyz” boyband, (https://www.instagram.com/official_theboyz/ more than 4 million Instagram followers).

The opening of this new pop-up store, third exciting new stage in Belle Époque’s “journey” in Korea, offers an extraordinary opportunity to strengthen the image of a brand that has become a true benchmark for those seeking Italian production excellence.