Damiani and Venini design the 2018 Robert Bresson prize

News . October 7, 2019

Italian manufacturing excellence meets cinematic arts at the 75th Venice Film Festival: Damiani and Venini design the 2018 Robert Bresson prize, awarded since 1999 to the film director whose work best explores the spiritual meaning behind man’s existence. The encounter between Damiani’s goldsmith tradition and Venini’s first-rate glassworking has resulted in the design of the 2018 Robert Bresson Prize bestowed by Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo and Rivista del Cinematografo to film director Liliana Cavani. A sinuous embrace of stunningly crafted precious elements gives shape to an artwork that embodies the values of the most outstanding Italian manufacturers revealing their deep-rooted connection with cinema. In interpreting this authoritative prize, Damiani and Venini have opted for a perfectly harmonious balance of ethereal elements and precious cinematographic references. A scintillating sequence of silvery ribbons evoking a film reel, immortalized by the Damiani master goldsmiths in an elegant weave inspired by the Belle Epoque collection, reveals an hourglass in delicate blown glass worked with the ancient “incalmo” technique, handed down to the Venini master craftsmen for almost a century.