News . December 15, 2021

Once again this year, the Maison d’Alta Gioielleria was the exceptional partner of the Gazzetta Sports Awards and for this prestigious sporting event it created the coveted awards: unique trophies that interpret the symbol of the Gazzetta Awards and feature the iconic #DamianiMetropolitan texture.

“We are proud to be, since its inception, the official creators of the award of Italian sports awards, conceived and promoted by
La Gazzetta dello Sport, now in its seventh edition. For this special event, we have created a unique jewel, distinguished by our iconic Metropolitan texture: the award characterized by four precious rings joined together is a goldsmith metaphor of great symbolic value:
Commitment, Constancy, Passion and Character express the vocation to Excellence of every athlete and illuminate, like a diamond, every sporting competition.”
Giorgio Damiani – Vice President of Damiani Group

A perfect match of boldness and modernity but also balance and elegance, the Metropolitan collection jewels are the ideal accessory for those with sophisticated taste and a determined attitude. The linear but refined design of the texture that evokes the skylines of metropolitan cities is embellished with diamonds, placed in an apparent random order. This detail is particularly interesting because it gives the jewel in motion that dynamism and brightness typical of the night metropolis whose lights coming from the skyscrapers turn on and off, creating a unique play of flashes.

The ring, created for this special occasion, is composed of four circular elements, made respectively in pink, yellow, brown and black gold, which evoke the multiple circles of the Olympic Games and are held together by a common element. The prize is a goldsmith metaphor of great symbolic value: Commitment, Constancy, Passion and Character represent the vocation to Excellence that every athlete always expresses in every competition.