Venini and Lamborghini. World ambassadors of the values of excellence

News . October 8, 2019

VENINI has recently announced a new collection in partnership with Tonino Lamborghini to promote internationally the uniqueness of Italian craftsmanship and design. Sharing the same values and vision for innovation, the two brands will co-operate to exchange each other’s know-how and heritage to create a unique collection. “Our partnership with Tonino Lamborghini allows us, once again, to demonstrate VENINI’s ability to always take on new challenges. Since its origins, the furnace has been able to carve out a leading role for itself through experimentation with innovative languages and the many incursions into areas far from those of the classical processing of glass. Furthermore, the co-branding project with Tonino Lamborghini perfectly fits in VENINI’s internationalization strategy: both companies are world ambassadors of the values of excellence represented by the ‘Made in Italy’ label”, commented Silvia Damiani, Vice President of the Damiani group. #Damiani