The unique “Uovo a canne – Il Tricolore” by VENINI has been chosen by the Italian Presidency

News . October 8, 2019

The unique “Uovo a canne – Il Tricolore”, designed and manufactured by VENINI, has been chosen by the Italian Presidency to represent the Italian craftsmanship internationally. This masterpiece in hand-blown glass, originally designed in the 70s, has been given new colors to honor the Italian “Tricolore” flag. VENINI’s master artisans will realize 39 unique pieces of this “Tricolore” variation to be used as Presidential gifts with the aim of expressing the finest Italian craftsmanship. After meeting the Italian President Sergio Mattarella at the Quirinale Palace, Guido Damiani, President of Damiani Group stated: “I’m honored the President chose VENINI to represent the Italian savoir-faire around the world. For almost a century, VENINI has been committed to promote Murano’s glass handcraft heritage in Italy and internationally. VENINI’s glass masters are capable to transform the vision of artists and designers into a work of art.”