“The right path”

News . March 18, 2021

Vanity Fair promotes, along with Toponomastica Femminile and many italian towns, an initiative that aims to writing a geography, more equal and inclusive, giving space to the female roles that have made History. To support this project, the weekly has decided to involve 48 world-class women inviting them to talk about themselves, their personal and professional growth, but it also asked them to whom they would dedicate a specific path.
Interviewed by Vanity Fair, Silvia Grassi Damiani has recalled that inside Damiani 70% of the staff is female and that this ratio is equally distributed among the pydamid of management inside the company.
For this reason too, in 2010, the Damiani company was awarded, in the field of the project “Companies that invest on women”, “ for being able to enhance the female presence through concrete solutions and successful transferable practices” while in 2019, Silvia Damiani herself, recieved the “Award for Woman Excellences 2019” by FIDAPA – BPW Italy: an important aknowledgement for being capable of promoting female presence inside the Damiani Group and contributing to the development of Alexandria territory.