Silvia Damiani was honored with the Women’s Award FIDAPA – BPW Italy 2019

News . October 8, 2019

Silvia Damiani, Vice President of Damiani Group, was honored this week with the Women’s Award FIDAPA – BPW Italy 2019 at a ceremony held at the Chamber of Commerce of Alessandria. Silvia Damiani was recognized for her leadership role within the family business and her efforts to encourage female talent into the company. The Award is also a recognition for Damiani Group as a company that promote women and advancement toward gender parity. “Silvia Damiani contributed to increase the prestige of the goldsmith’s district of Valenza. She runs the company with her brothers, the third generation of the Damiani family, staying true to the ethics and design aesthetic of the brand, also promoting gender equality and sustainable development”, said Paola Bonzano, President of FIDAPA-BPW Italy – Alessandria. FIDAPA-BPW counts more than 12.000 members across Italy and is part of IFBPW – International Federation of Business and Professional Women. The Association aims to promote the initiatives of the women working in business, arts & culture. Each year, the Association assigns an Award to those outstanding women who have demonstrated inspiring approaches to leadership and achieved remarkable results in their fields of expertise. #Damiani