News . December 13, 2023

Salvini has opened a new Boutique in Piazza Duomo 21, a highly strategic and visible position in the porticoes that stand alongside Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.

For Salvini, this new opening is of particular importance as it introduces the brand’s new store concept, the last phase of a full rebranding process which incorporates every marketing aspect: from its image to its communications, along with packaging and visuals.

The new Boutique features a large display case in gold hues, which creates a pleasant contrast with the black and white geometric design of the interior flooring.  Modern furnishings with white and gold accents give the space a bold allure, further emphasised by a LED wall featuring vibrant, original and dazzling videos that represent the brand’s new image. Touches of deep yellow, the new colour of the brand, illuminate the space. Here, jewelry lovers can enjoy an immersive experience in the discovery of the brand’s must-have collections, such as I Segni, Magia, Battito and the new Eva line: iconic creations that are prized for their contemporary style and the outstanding quality of their materials.

Located at the very heart of Milan, Piazza Duomo is one of the best-known squares in Italy, visited every year by millions of tourists. This new opening grants yet more visibility and fame to Salvini, which has recently embarked on an international expansion strategy.