News . November 28, 2023

Damiani is pleased to announce that actress Mio Imada will be the Maison’s ambassador for Japan, where the brand has established itself on the market as a true spearhead of Italian excellence, as well as one of the most iconic luxury players.

As an actress with an overwhelming presence and a reputation for her acting ability, Mio was the perfect choice for Damiani, who has invited her to embody the brand’s history, creativity, and the image of contemporary women.

Mio Imada – who has appeared in numerous dramas and movies and continues to enjoy broad-based support – has always been fascinated by the excellence and savoir faire of the Maison’s collections, such as the evocative Belle Époque and the contemporary Belle Époque Reel.  She will be starring in campaign visuals and videos featuring both the collections: Belle Époque – with its innovative geometric design inspired by that unique historical period, with its exceptional cultural innovation and effervescent joie de vivre – and Belle Époque Reel, that reflects the dynamism and immediacy of a modern and bold world.