News . June 8, 2021

Guido Grassi Damiani, president of the family group, tells the innovations learned from a year of pandemic and plans for the future: «We focus on China but also on Italian provincial cities» «The trend is better than we anticipated: we continue to be positive and very confident that after these months of global slowdown there will be a strong recovery»: optimism is a virtue that supports the success of each project, and Guido Grassi Damiani is an example. The family group of which he is president, founded in 1924 in Valenza Po by the founder Enrico and firmly in the hands of his heirs – almost unique case in the panorama of the Italian jewelery -, certainly could not avoid the slowdowns imposed by the pandemic, but it has built on it, focusing on digital innovation and the development of markets, such as those in Asia, which are the driving force of the recovery and where Damiani has been present for some time with solid foundations. And it is precisely from China, the country that has supported the sales of jewelry throughout the sector in the difficult year just passed, which will resume the expansion plan of the Piedmontese group, which are headed, in addition to the eponymous brand, also Salvini Gioielli, Bliss Gioielli, VENINI, Calderoni Diamonds and Rocca 1794, and that in 2024 will celebrate its first century of life. «People continue to have moments to celebrate that want to make memorable and eternal giving or giving something beautiful, valuable and timeless», he explains. (…)”

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