Digital innovation, strategic partnerships and new creations

News . December 9, 2020

While interviewed by Il Sole 24 Ore, Guido Grassi Damiani has presented the strategies that the Group has implemented to face the change of the economic world caused by Covid and meet the new needs of the consumer.
“If there has been a global slowdown in sales, caused more my the closure of shops rather than the uncertainty of Covid, we should also point out that until this day the development has been better than what we expected and still very heterogeneous. If on one side Europe is affected greatly by this situation, on the other side in the korean market, one of our most important ones on an international level, we are experiencing double figure growth. Japan is reacting good too. (…) and we’ve also tripled the transactions via e-commerce.”
New proposals such as #DamianiMargherita, #DamianiMimosa and #DamianiBelleEpoqueIceberg stand out between the precious offers for this Chrismas. A diamond from the Calderoni Diamonds collection is also a present that will surely be appreciated: an excellent and long-lasting product, certified by the most important gemological labs that can be passed on to the future generations and represents a valid option for building a capital reserve.