News . September 2, 2021

The iconic VENINI brand, ambassador in the world of Made in Italy and Venetian art culture that this year celebrates its centenary, participates in the fifth edition of “The Venice Glass Week 2021”: the international festival dedicated to the art of glass, that this year will be staged from 4 to 12 September with the title #Vivavetro!.


Since the tenth century AD, in fact, the processing of glass is one of the most prestigious artistic and economic activities for which the Serenissima is known in the world: to celebrate it the City of Venice, together with the Foundation of the Civic Museums of Venice, Fondazione Giorgio Cini with the project Le Stanze del Vetro, Istituto Veneto di Scienze Lettere ed Arti and the Consorzio Promovetro Murano, has created a program of events, exhibitions, demonstrations and guided tours, emphasizing the importance of artistic and cultural heritage expressed in “knowing how to make” glass.

On the occasion of this cultural event VENINI presents “Decorative Arts and Light”: an exhibition in its showroom in Murano, dedicated to prestigious creations that have made the history of design and artistic light. From historical icons to novelties: Pyros Centenario and Lapilli by Emmanuel Babled but also the reinterpretation of the Tiara Luce by Francesco Lucchese.

PYROS CENTENARIO – Emmanuel Babled

The work characterized by the crystalline and transparent color of the glass collects, preserves and represents all the spontaneity of the pictorial gesture of the artist Emmanuel Babled who, through the gold and silver leaf decorations, gently resting on the surface, expresses the beauty of the creative moment: an instant, poetic, eternal and suspended, a unique moment, the one that precedes the crystallization of glass, during which the master craftsman is confronted with the pulsating force and the living energy of the fiery material, giving it a new form that gives life to the complex perfection of glass creation.

This work, of great artistic and cultural significance, is dedicated to the centenary of VENINI: an important stage for the history of the company but also for the history of artistic glass.

The creation, proposed in a numbered edition, is made of blown and hand-made glass, and has a diameter of 31cm and a height of 35cm.


VENINI Showroom

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