Damiani’s refined savoir-faire at the exhibition “STILE MILANO – Storie di Eleganza

News . January 28, 2020

Damiani’s refined savoir-faire is on display at the exhibition “STILE MILANO – Storie di Eleganza” at Palazzo Morando in Milano until 29th March. Through a selection of jewels, the exhibition promoted by the Municipality of Milan | Culture and the Style and History Association, recounts how the Milanese brands have interpreted the style of an era and outlined their personal vision. Among the pieces of Damiani’s jewelry on display, stand out the timeless Belle Époque cross necklace and three figurines with brooches dedicated to American cult sports: baseball, rugby and basketball.

Damiani has always been appreciated by the international customers, particularly the Americans, for whom the brand has created special pieces. These unique jewels have been created in the late 1970s with a special technique that involved both plastic and wax. The Maison’s artisans started by creating a sketched drawing of the jewel in order to define the shape and carved a plastic mold from it. Afterwards, the craftsmen casted the gold jewel from a sculpture made of wax and added enameled finishing details. #Damiani