Damiani was awarded the prize “Fratelli al comando”

News . December 6, 2019

Damiani was recently awarded the prize “Fratelli al comando” that celebrates successful multigenerational family businesses capable to embody excellence on both family and innovation fronts. The award was created nine years ago by Cerif, the Research Center on Family Businesses established by Cattolica University of Milan, with the aim of highlighting the high standards reached by family enterprises and the challenges they face. The award recognized Damiani for its strong family governance structure combined with a focus on innovation and quality. Established in 1924 by Enrico Grassi Damiani, the company was soon acclaimed as the highest expression of Italian jewelry. The founder’s son, Damiano, continued the family business with creativity and entrepreneurial spirit until the early 1990s, when the third generation of the family entered the company. Silvia Grassi Damiani oversees the purchase of pearls and global communication, Giorgio is responsible for export, development of all the collections and the purchase of precious stones, while Guido is the President. The third generation of the Damiani’s family renewed the company by placing significant importance on innovation while keeping the core values balanced with an ever-changing marketplace. #Damiani