Damiani realizes a portrait- sculpture of Albert II, prince of Monaco

News . February 13, 2020

The American artist Barry X Ball has chosen the expert Damiani’s craftsmen to realize a portrait- sculpture of His Serene Highness Albert II, Sovereign Prince of Monaco. The sculpture reproduces the Princely head in solid 18K gold, suffused with various species of intertwined marine vegetation, containing foliated symbols of the Principality of Monaco and the Prince’s monogram, with alternating polished and matte passages. Damiani’s master artisans collaborated with the artist for almost a year making use of their refined skills to bring to life an extraordinary and complex piece of art. Permanently installed at the public entrance to the Galerie des Glaces at the Palace, the sculpture holds a delicate balance between mass and void, alternating polished with matte surfaces. #Damiani