Damiani Group supports Leonardo

News . November 5, 2020

For the fourth year in a row the Group supports the Awarding of Masters degree of the Leonardo Committee, rewarding the most brilliant thesis dedicated to “Venini and the new generation: how the ancient art of glass can meet the millennials, through the product and the shared values of uniqueness and innovation”.

The prestigious award is part of the rewards offered by the businesses associated with the Leonardo Committee, which have allowed to support hundreds of young students and graduates from all parts of Italy through the years.

“In times where everything’s changing, higher education, the constant research and being able to interpret how the markets are changing must be considered strategic key elements that are able to bring innovation inside businesses.
In our Group we strongly believe in the power brought by new ideas, in the diversity of approaches and in sharing new methodologies: higher education combined with mutual exchange of experiences and different educations amongst new generations and historical resources, not only has got an ethical value, but it also contributes to strengthen our business model.”
Guido Grassi Damiani – President of the Damiani Group