News . December 4, 2021

Born of an idea of the gallery owners and collectors Trudl Bruckner, Balz Hilt and Ernst and Hildy Beyeler, the Basel art fair has become established over the years as an important international event in terms not only of the art market but also interior design and aesthetic research. Since 2002, this cutting-edge contemporary art and design exhibition, which attracts talent from every continent, has had a winter edition held in Miami in December.

For this important exhibition event, this year VENINI has produced Murano Drop: a luminous creation conceived by the American designer Bea Pernia (of the Bea Interiors Design studio) that will be part of her ATUS Furniture collection. The module, a drop of Murano glass, makes it possible to create lighting installations of great visual impact, breathing life into harmonious, warm, and comfortable settings. Blurring the lines between sculpture and functional design, Bea Pernia is known for her ability to push in unique and intriguing ways the limits of the materials she uses, as she develops organic forms.

This design is particularly interesting because it shows the historic glassworks’ ability to bring the glass art into dialogue with lighting design, the millennial artistic and cultural heritage with technological innovation and traditional with contemporary know-how. Precisely for this reason, a centenary company like VENINI never ceases to fascinate and conquer creative talent from all over the world: brilliant artists and avant-garde designers who grasp the extraordinary expressive, cultural, and artistic richness of the expertise kept alive by the glassworks.